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Sarah Bergekker

Build resilience.
Practice self compassion.

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Sarah Bergakker is an expert speaker and thought leader, helping human service professionals recover from compassion fatigue.

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Helping Human Service Professionals build resilience and find a new supported path forward

“Clinically qualified, but not emotionally equipped,” describes Sarah Bergakker's experience starting as an LPN in the emergency department at the age of 19. This theme continued as Sarah completed her bachelor’s in nursing and began work as an ER Trauma nurse, and then became a nurse anesthesiologist. After almost 20 years in healthcare, Sarah realized that she didn’t know what she was going to do different but that her practices of perfectionism, numbing, and detaching from her emotional and physical self needed to change.


Sarah started this work to discover if there was a way for her to continue to work in healthcare and find joy in her work. She is so thankful to have returned to the original passion of her calling in healthcare and to be now able to also help others recover from compassion fatigue, find their purpose, and feel empowered to live a resilient life.

Sarah now shares her message of healing through public speaking, trainings, and facilitating retreats. Sarah and her team are now booking events. 


Let's Breathe Together

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From podcasts to keynotes, Sarah delivers a hope-filled message for workers experiencing burnout

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We find healing environments, make amazing memories, and learn to heal together. Check out Mooxli Retreats.

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Hire Sarah alone or with her team, and learn how to recover and build resilience together


Sarah is the founder and CEO of MOOXLI--a continuing education retreat community teaching resilience and offering a supported new path forward.


You don't have to stay confused and wondering why you feel completely burned out by a professional career you have given some of the best years of your life to be a part of. 
Join the MOOXLI Community!

We will help you get to the root of your personal and professional burnout, give you tools to start recovering from the exhaustion that has become your new normal, and help you map a new path forward. You don't have to stay stuck.

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Are you confused about wanting to leave a profession that you gave some of the best years or your life to be a part of? Do you feel like you cannot stay in your profession because it is harming your physical and emotional health?

Return to joy, return to passion of your calling, clarity, resilience path.

Experience what Sarah has to offer--Check out some of her talks below

Sarah and her team are now booking. Reach out today to schedule your upcoming podcasts, keynotes, trainings, and more.

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Watch Sarah speak about compassion fatigue and self compassion at the American Bar Association

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Listen to Sarah speak about health and wellness for healthcare professionals on the  R.N. PREP podcast

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Listen to Sarah talk to the Host of the Dandelion Effect Podcast on finding purpose and true resilience during a pandemic

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Listen to Sarah's story as she shares with the Med Tech Gurus how she was inspired to start MOOXLI 

“The moment I was told there would be no name tags, I knew Mooxli was the conference for me. It is the only conference where I attended every session, and why not?  The focus was regaining my power, my hope, and giving myself permission to nurture and heal myself.

If I continued from there I would only add: thank you Sarah for not only being inspired but for using your talents and gifts to bring movement and mindfulness to one of the most neglected workforces in America.”

Patricia, CRNA

“Mooxli created a safe space, in the most beautiful setting, for us to come together so we could come apart and begin to heal.”


"Mooxli created a space where I could just be. Be myself with myself, and with an incredible group of humans."


"Thank you for transmItting your shadows into the gift of Mooxli and for sharing your genius for greatest service to the whole. That is true prosperity!


I love how the workshop was laid out. It is the ideal workshop I've been to as ideal can be. True to the mission of Mooxli and the theme of the workshop, starting with moving my body with yoga was the perfect way to decompress the left side of my brain and prepare my right brain for learning..." READ MORE

Ethel, Doctor of Physical Therapy 

This was an experience of a lifetime. I cannot recommend MOOXLI enough. You will breakdown barriers and open doors to opportunities that you didn’t even know were your’s. The kindness, openness, non-judgmental atmosphere was just what I needed to begin my journey of finding myself again in this busy, crazy world. Sarah and Joan are excellent guides/mentors and the women that have been going on these retreats are, simply put, PHENOMENAL. Integration is what this entire retreat was about and I have been putting the philosophies into my daily practice. This is a MUST!!!!


Grand Rapids, Michigan  /  Tel. (616) 259 - 5426

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